Business plan research and writing

A business plan is an effective means of defining your goals and the steps needed to reach them. It spells out your purpose, vision and means of operation. It also serves as your company's resume, explaining your objectives to investors, partners, employees and vendors.

A business plan has two primary purposes. First, and foremost, it should be used to help run your company with a more cohesive vision.  It is your roadmap. By truly analyzing your plan for marketing, sales, manufacturing, website design, etc., you greatly improve your chances for success.

The second purpose of a business plan tends to be that a financial institution or other lender will not invest in your company unless you can demonstrate that you have a roadmap to success. Banks want to mitigate their risk of default and private investors, such as Angel’s, want a realistic forecast for when they will be reaping a return on their capital. 

We have over ten years experience in creating business plans, raising millions of pounds of investment.

Typical components might include, but aren't limited to;

  • Title page and confidential clauses
  • Executive Summary (objectives, products and services, target markets, financial projections, investment required)
  • Products and Services (Products summary, pricing, margins, profit per unit)
  • External Analysis (economic indicators, market research and trends)
  • Internal Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • HR Plan (including CVs and bios of key staff)
  • Profit and Loss Account forecasts
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Balance Sheet Forecast
  • Appendices for more detail
Example Biz Plan
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