What we have to offer

If you're just starting up?

Registering a business has never been easier. However, the choices available can be confusing and it makes sense to get your company setup right at the begining, be it self-employed, a Private Company Limited by Shares, a Limited Liability Partnership etc. We can help you chose and get the paperwork done.


After attracting customers, the biggest challange for small start-ups is raising sufficient finance. Having a coherent Business Plan can certainly help, whether to secure a bank overdraft/loan, private finance or a government grant.

If you're up and running?

As you grow you might find your admin, financial and managenemt systems becoming streched. A lot of your problems could be solved by implementing solid information and management systems.

We offer cloud-based accounting systems with add-on functionality along with internal controls, policies, procedures and training to help you achieve maximum efficiency. 


We can do your Bookkeeping for you, on a monthly flat-rate, hourly-rate or transaction-volume basis ensuring your books are always up to date and you are fully informed with accurate, timely and understandable management reports, enabling you to identify changes/trends and make informed decisions. 


Taking on and managing staff can also be complicated. We offer a Payroll service and can assist with staff contracts, negotiations, notices and dismissals. 


Taxes, including CT, VAT and PAYE, along with staturory filing requirements are an inevitable part of business. We can help remove the administratie burden.


Cash flow is often a acute challange for growing businesses. We can help you explore possible mitigatation measeures, from improving collections, invoice-financing to supplier credit. We can also help produce a detailed Business Plan designed to attract additional finance.

If you're planning for the future?

Maybe you've already seen your business through all the trials and tribulations of growing to become a stable business with an established customer base and you're now looking for opportunities to re-invigurate growth, to increase efficientcy or an exit stratergy. We can help you explore, articulate and execute a strategic plan for the future.

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